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“ Quality Services
& Excellent Work!”

If I’m asked to refer the best remodeling company in Orange County, I’ll definitely say Unique Kitchen & Baths. I love not only the way they work but the way they behave.

Nick Malik

Forex Trader

I was promised to have a hassle-free service and satisfactory result. And it came all true. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Tim Yang

Insurance Advisor

“WOW, I love it”, that was my daughter’s when she saw our home after the improvement. It meant a lot to me. Unique Kitchen & Baths did a great job and what an experienced and skilled team to work with! I liked how fast the services were provided and how efficient was. Thank you so much!

Michelle Mendez


It’d been a long time since the last time my home had been renovated. So I found Unique Kitchen & Baths to do their best for kitchen, bath and flooring. They did it indeed. On-time and on budget. I want to thank all team from the manager to the skilled handyman. You’re awesome.

Terry Green

Retired Entrepreneur

I purchased my first home and it needed to be remodeled. I needed to make sure that my home would have a modern look afterwards as it’s my both home and office. With a great job of your Unique Kitchen & Baths, I feel safe, comfortable and happy about my home and workplace!

Shane Manson

Web Designer

Wonderful team of experts who know what they do and do it with quality products! I appreciate the fast and effective service, and will definitely recommend it to anyone who’s in need of kitchen & bath remodelling, flooring, etc.

Kevin Parker

Business Consultant

I came to Unique Kitchen & Baths for kitchen and bath remodelling. Your service is beyond my expectation. My home now looks great and feels warm and comfy, and is a real pleasure to live in. Keep up the great job, cheers!

Adam Brady

Project Manager

I wish I had heard about this amazing company sooner! The service is beyond satisfactory, and I have no words to describe the job that you guys did for my house. We now feel much better with our new look home.

Rick woods


Highly recommend Unique Kitchen & Baths to whoever needs a new feel and look of his home. Experienced team, best service and affordable price.

James Solomon

Sales Manager

Unique Kitchen & Baths was referred by a friend whom I trust a lot. I visited their showroom and had a conversation with them. After offering a reasonable fee, there was no doubt that I asked them to do the remodeling. I’m absolutely satisfied with the service I received. I appreciate the amazing job that you guys did for us, thanks!

Charlie Martinez


From our first meeting to the last day of work everything went smoothly, and this was truly a wonderful experience for me and my family in our house. Thank you guys!

Victoria Carter

Branch Manager