Walk In Closet Contractor Huntington

Walk In Closet Contractor Huntington

Does it seem like there’s never enough room in your bedroom closet? A walk-in closet can make a big difference in comfort and will give you more space for storage, hanging clothing, and staying organized. Unique Kitchen & Baths is best-known for remodling kitchen and bathroom spaces, but our closet and cabinet company's experts are also highly skilled in all phases of construction, renovation, and home improvement. If you need to speak with a walk in closet contractor in Huntington Beach, feel free to give us a call to discuss your project with you.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Walk-In Closet

1. Are you the type of person who values organization but can never seem to stay organized due to a pack of space? You’re not alone- most homes are designed and built with minimum closet space. You don’t have to settle for small closets- Unique Kitchen & Baths can custom design and build your dream closets with enough space for everything you need to store away from prying eyes. If you need more space to hang clothing, store shoe boxes, or just get items up and out of the way, speak with our custom closet designers today.

2. Add a custom mirror and your walk-in closet tranforms into your personal dressing room. If you love spending time trying on clothes and trying to achieve the perfect look for social occasions or special events, a walk-in closet is simply a must. Forget about wasted time going from your closet to your vanity- everything you need is in one convenient place with an upgraded closet space. Contact our professionals for a free in-home consultation and estimate.

3. You’ll be amazed by how much walk-in closets increase the value of your home and attract new buyers to your listing. Everyone loves owning a home with large closets; in fact, it’s one of the top amenities hopeful homebuyers ask realtors about houses. Whether you intend on selling your home or enjoying your walk-in closets yourself, you’ll have to gree that bigger closet spaces are wildly popular. Our professional organizers can help with your custom project when you hire us to design and build custom closets in California.

4. Protect valuables from home intruders with added safety and security that comes from locked walk-in closets. Time is usually a factor when someone breaks into a home; they’ll look for easy-to-grab valuables but will typically not have time to rifle through closets, especially when they discover they’ve been locked. Our custom walk in closet contractor in Huntington Beach can even build secret storage spaces into your closet.

5. Cleaning your home takes less time when you have more space available. Being able to tuck away odds and ends and unclutter your home can make a big difference in how your home looks when guests visit, too. With larger closets, you’ll eliminate the laundry pile on top of the dryer, shoes in the corner of your rooms, and a variety of articles that don’t already have their own space- all a thing of the past with custom walk-in closets.

To speak with an experienced walk in closet contractor in Huntington Beach, get in touch with Unique Kitchen & Baths today or stop by our showroom to see all of our home improvement products. You’ll be glad you hired the best contractors in the region.

Walk In Closet Contractor Huntington
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Walk In Closet Contractor Huntington
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Walk In Closet Contractor Huntington