Everything You Need to Know About Backsplash

You might have experienced walking into a kitchen that just felt different and looked attractive even though it had not been recently remodeled! Even it might have no fancy cabinets or expensive countertops! There is an X-factor in the design that gives a unique look and feel to those kitchens. Well, that unique feature is a backsplash!

In this article, we will explore backsplashes in kitchens. You can use them to make a statement in your kitchen and spark it up.


What is kitchen backsplash?

Backsplashes are panels installed on a kitchen wall between the top cabinets and countertop. Not only do they protect the wall from all possible from sink water or cooking oils, but add details to the overall style. It seems that you are expressing yourself on the wall of your kitchen! So you can use them to accentuate your design and remodel your kitchen in Huntington Beach.

Backsplashes come in a variety of materials, styles, colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. You can easily pick one to upgrade your kitchen:


Types and Shapes

Although subway tiles are still trendy, backsplashes -as an alternative option- are not limited to square or rectangular shapes. In other words, they come in all possible geometric shapes such as octagons, hexagons, diamonds, triangles, circles, and ovals. Also, there are angled shapes such as crosses, chevrons, and herringbones and combined ones such as arabesques, stars, basket weaves, scallops, ogees, pinwheels, and fish scales. Even 3D shapes are available to some extent.

Every shape has its characteristics and changes the overall style of your kitchen. For example, the V-shaped chevron can create an illusion of movement, while the arabesque shape has an exotic vibe. Geometric shapes represent the sense of sharpness or seriousness, while curvy shapes induce peace and calmness. So your selected shape reflects your mood in your kitchen!



It is necessary for a backsplash to be resistant to all kinds of kitchen splashes. Cooking oils, sink water, and coffee or wine drops are all among the factors that deteriorate walls. Even the heat from the stove and the arrangement of kitchen appliances may damage the walls. Interestingly, a firmly installed, fire-resistant backsplash acts as a guard against all of these potential threats. Environmental concerns are also important as green materials made from recycled substances do not negatively impact nature. Common materials include:

Ceramic tiles are probably the most popular option due to their remarkable ease of cleaning and durability. They are heat-resistant and will not be easily scratched. Besides, some brands have started to offer antibacterial tiles. Ceramic tiles are versatile. Their unlimited styles allow you to create a masterpiece right on your kitchen wall! To project silence or extra glow, you can choose a matte or glossy surface. The grout, as a major element of style, can be colorful to create contrast or unicolor to create a seamless look. Also, the prices are often budget-friendly.

Laminate is sturdy and water-resistant. Its non-porous surface makes cleaning easy. If it’s a rustic wood look you want, you can enjoy the various and seamless textures of laminate. There are numerous options for laminate finish and color, and the price range is economical.

Tempered Glass, contrary to the general assumption, is strong and safe since it breaks into chunks rather than shards. It is also heat-resistant and anti-scratch. Its glossy and smooth surface makes cleaning easy. It creates a minimal look with light reflection capability that brightens up your space. Tempered glass can be mirrored, backpainted, or screenprinted and it can also be inlaid with fabric. Marble and vintage mirror looks are also achievable. The price range is often affordable.

Natural Stones such as marble, granite, and travertine add warmth to the kitchen atmosphere and also bring the visual appeal of their attractive veining to the walls. They project a sense of intimacy which is perfect for any kitchen. They are extremely durable for kitchens in which you cook a lot. Cleaning is more sensitive as acidic chemicals will damage the stone. They tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Stainless steel is extremely durable and hygienic as it is anti-scratch and non-pours with minimum cleaning requirements. It brings an industrial vibe to any kitchen and has an economical price.

Quartz is made from natural crushed minerals which are then mixed with resins and formed into slabs. Coloring chemicals are also added to it to create a variety of patterns. It is one of the strongest materials available and doesn’t require chemicals for cleaning purposes. It looks seamless with a broad range of colors, especially in earth tones. However, there are some concerns that thermal and chemical stress may damage the color and texture of it. Being a member of the stone family, it also has a high price tag.

Porcelain is an engineered stone made from ceramic clay that has been heat-treated to a high temperature. Having good qualities like being extremely heat- and UV-resistant makes it ideal for kitchens with ample sunlight. To provide a variety of colors and patterns, pigments and glazes are also added to it before baking. It can mimic the marble look with a lower price compared to natural stones. Due to having a highly non-porous surface, it becomes stain- and germ-proof. Such qualities make daily maintenance effortless.

Cement is a traditional construction material that is trendy at the moment. It projects a dark and hard visual effect that is unique in its own right. It is impact-resistant and heat-tolerant. For ease of cleaning, coats of chemicals are sometimes applied to its surface. Its price tag is easily affordable.

Brick tile is also a popular choice that may look modern and traditional at the same time. It comprises of a thin cut of actual brick that often has been treated with glaze to make it easily cleanable and safe. It is heat-resistant and strong yet not expensive.

KompacPlus is a modern material made from pulp paper combined with resins and has the advantage of mimicking the look of wood or cement. It is a durable material with a mid-range price that is also fire-proof and water-resistant and can be matched with the flooring in a way to create a simple and quiet atmosphere.



Choosing the backsplash size depends on how high the top cabinets are installed which in turn depends on your height! So there are no set rules and the size is determined based on individual preferences. However, there are two options:

Standard sizing was the traditional method in which just 4 inches of a material, typically countertop stone, was placed on the wall above the countertop to protect the wall from appliances heat and marks. It also prevented the liquid drainage to the back of the cabinets. This size is not common anymore as its form and function is extremely limited, but it is cost-effective.

Full Wall size is the typical method in which 15-18 inches of material is installed on the wall. Of course, you have the option of installing it up to the ceiling or just have it behind the stove and sink and leave the rest of the walls untouched.


Coloring and Styles

Colors bring a sense of warmth or coolness to a kitchen and set a tone for the whole space. They also create the depth and dimension that make your kitchen look more spacious. The colors in an earth tone are kind of neutral and relaxing. The black color is sleek and intimidating, but white is the always classic color all round year. Red and blue have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere as the former energizes the air but the latter calms it down. The color of the backsplash can be matched with the flooring or the cabinets but it is necessary to keep harmony in the overall theme.

Styles are almost unlimited and give you the freedom to create your own. From classic to contemporary, artisan or mid-century, transitional or eclectic and oriental or western, you can extend your imagination all around the globe and design what reflects your style. Kitchen backsplash designs are diverse and you have all the power to choose.



A backsplash is a smart way to add personalization to your kitchen while adding extra protection to the walls. It can be the focal point of your space while adding value to your property. Without draining your budget on expensive cabinets, you can incorporate a unique backsplash to have an attractive and stylish kitchen. Aesthetically appealing and functionally useful, the backsplash is an art statement of Kitchen remodeling In Mission Viejo.

The most important point in designing your backsplash is to consult a kitchen remodeling expert who can provide you with useful information to choose the best model and materials. So you can achieve your dream kitchen.

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