Kitchen Cabinetry

Every property has kitchen cabinets, no matter the type or size. They come in different forms, but their function is the same: to hold food, dishes, cutlery, and cooking equipment. They also integrate well with appliances such as a refrigerator or oven to have better use of space. But it wasn’t always the case!

Kitchen cabinets have been through major changes in history! Before built-in installations were invented, there was a Hoosier cabinet in almost every kitchen in the 1910s and 1920s to serve as a free-standing cabinet. They were extremely popular, but dramatic changes in kitchen design paved the way for countertops and built-in cabinets. However, you can still find them in some places as decorative antiques or even in museums!

The First World War brought major changes to kitchen design when household efficiency was under focus and built-in cabinets were introduced at industrial scale. After the Second World War, laminated countertops emerged and soon were replaced with solid surfaces such as stone and quartz. The postmodern era popularized space-saving models and thicker countertops in earth tones.

Today, cabinetry is influenced by extensive research on functionality and ergonomic to optimize interactions in the kitchen and reduce excessive bending or accidents. Environmental concerns play a major role in kitchen cabinets in Huntington Beach as green cabinets are becoming more popular. Eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or renewable options and fast-growing woods are under study to soon fill the market. Even low or no-VOC paints are becoming common as they have less harmful chemicals for the environment. Universal design in the kitchen is also under research to facilitate people with disabilities needs to safely and conveniently access and enjoy the space.

There are many varieties of materials, sizes, shapes, colors, and styles incorporated in cabinet design that make a choice difficult and confusing for you. That is why we want to help you make an easy yet informed decision. In this article, we will explore kitchen cabinetry options so you have a clear idea when you are kitchen remodeling in Huntington Beach.


What options do you have for kitchen cabinets?

The kitchen cabinet manufacturing process determines your choices to some degree as each process has its limitations. Considering your circumstances and your budget, you can choose from the following three options:


Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets can be fully customized to fit your space, style, need and budget. This feature gives you creative freedom over your kitchen space to maximize functionality and personalize the style. Custom cabinets are made specifically for your individual kitchen after determining the style and measuring dimensions. You have the most flexibility to choose the main material, finish, and color. From high-end and exotic wood species such as mahogany, cherry, and ebony to hard maple, red oak, white oak, ash, hickory, pine, and birch. You can choose the woods based on their color and grain to make a bold statement. Some species have grain variation while others are more uniform, some of them can be stained to achieve specific colors, but others might not be so cooperative, but they are extremely durable.

You can decide that cabinet doors to be flat-panel or raised-panel to create a traditional atmosphere, or you may go with slab and accent doors to project a contemporary vibe. You have the power to choose features that add more functionality, reduce dead spaces, and provide more accessible storage. Deep drawers can help organize your kitchen by holding the pots and built-in spice racks give you more space on the countertop. You can maximize corner storage by installing pull-out lazy susans and seamlessly integrate appliances into cabinets to create a clean and coherent space.

Eco options are also more available in custom design to help create a space that is friendly to you and is friendly to the environment.

Custom cabinets are more expensive than other options as they require more time and design. They are also delivered in a longer time frame.


Semi-Custom Cabinets

As the name implies, you can customize your cabinet choices but not in every aspect. They are pre-made but leave some adjustment options such as color and detailing for a more tailored fit. They are sometimes made with laminate and thermofoil to lower the cost. High pressured laminate is more durable but heavier than low pressured version. Thermofoil is made by applying a vinyl film to plywood to create wood detailing. They both exceed durability expectations. The semi-custom option offers a broad range of styles and sizes that are aesthetically appealing and functionally useful. You can have matte or gloss finishes with glass doors to showcase your china or crystal collection. Framed or frameless doors are available to create a classic or modern look. Their modular storage solutions are diverse enough to solve most kitchen problems and optimize any space.

Semi-custom cabinets are mid-range in terms of price, which helps you have more flexibility with your budget. They are delivered sooner than custom cabinets, but they still need time.


Ready to assemble Cabinets (RTA)

RTA cabinets are pre-built with pre-set sizes that are delivered in flat boxes. You will have to assemble them on-site. You have no choice over specifics of the style or size, which might interfere with your overall design or kitchen layout. However, there are many color, finish, and style options to choose from and create the most harmonic and functional kitchen possible. The material is often economical such as engineered woods MDF and HDF, which have passed the time and durability test. Many finishes are available in a wide spectrum of glossiness and color. The doors are also in a variety of styles to provide a better match for every space. Many features are offered to give you plenty of storage solutions and better use every inch of space.

The sizing for the RTA cabinet is standard as most bases have 36 inches height, 12-24 inches width, 24 inches depth, and most wall installations have 12-36 inches height, 12-36 inches width, and 12-24 inches depth.

Shipping requires less space and that is one reason RTA cabinets are budget-friendly and cost-effective. You can also have them delivered in no time.



Kitchen cabinetry has an important function in every space that can influence the health and safety of people using them. They also play a major role in the kitchen’s look and feel while setting the mood for the whole property. Kitchen designs in Mission Viejo are diverse enough to give you almost unlimited options to create your dream space.

If budget is not a concern for you and your time is not restricted, if you have unconventional or small space and desire a very specific style, custom cabinets are ideal. Every aspect is under your control to design as you wish. You can also go green and select materials that are made with sustainability in mind.

If you are budget-conscious but still want to have some specific details, then semi-custom cabinets are a perfect choice. You can enjoy moderate prices, match the colors and styles with your kitchen, and not get involved in fine details. Your cabinets will also arrive sooner than you expect.

And if your budget is limited, your kitchen layout is conventional and straight forward and you have no time waiting for your cabinets. You can enjoy an easier shopping experience and choose from limited options of ready to assemble cabinets. Just be prepared to assemble them yourself or arrange with a technician to install them for you.

The smartest decision is to let an experienced and professional interior designer help you easily select the best option for your needs, budget, and style and then just enjoy the vibe and value that new kitchen cabinets bring to your space.

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