How to Wire Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets in 2022

Wiring lights under kitchen cabinets is a great way to add a more welcoming atmosphere to a room or make it easier to see what you’re doing while preparing dinner. LED strip lights are perfect for kitchens because they are bright, discreet, and long-lasting.

And that’s the last thing I want to cover in this post because it’s a good thing that LEDs have a long lifespan, can be challenging to install, and you don’t want to replace them frequently.

It’s not too difficult, but if you want a lovely lighting arrangement that doesn’t look messy and ruin your kitchen design, there are a few things to keep in mind. In this article, we examine the tips and methods on how to install cabinet lights to create a bright and beautiful space.

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Wiring lights under kitchen cabinets methods

In this part, we intend to examine methods of Wiring Lights under Kitchen Cabinets.

Layered lighting

Do not neglect the importance of lighting layers when designing kitchen lighting. Hang a large chandelier or pendant from the ceiling as the main light source. In addition, use smaller light sources in places where you prepare food or above the kitchen sink.

Size and height of light sources

For your Kitchen to look bigger and have a professional layout, there should be a distance of at least 75 to 80 cm between the lowest point of the lighting pendant and the kitchen counter or table.

Also, find the most suitable type of kitchen lighting based on the size of the kitchen space and the counter area. Two or three small hangers can be added to many counters in the middle of the Kitchen. If your Kitchen is big, you can increase this number or use bigger hangers.

Clarifying important things

If you want to decorate your Kitchen or you want some parts of your Kitchen to be more prominent and eye-catching, it is better to include these points in your kitchen lighting. Make the crucial points of the Kitchen more impressive by lighting them up.

Focusing the lighting on the beautiful points of the Kitchen gives depth and dimension to your kitchen environment.

For example, suppose you have a showcase among your cabinets where you keep a collection of crystal or porcelain dishes. In that case, you can create exciting and appropriate lighting for that showcase with the help of the correct type of LED lamps.

Try to divert attention from areas such as the kitchen sink because no one wants their guests’ attention to be drawn to a mountain of sitting dishes! Instead, find the most beautiful parts of your Kitchen and make them brighter with proper lighting.

Using multi-branch chandelier

If your Kitchen is in a way where you can hang only one light source, don’t worry. Choosing a suitable multi-branch pendant allows you to have suitable kitchen lighting and use several pendants.

Preventing the kitchen from becoming crowded

If you are not careful when lighting the Kitchen, the kitchen space may become too crowded and bright. Try to have one large central pendant (or three identical pendants in a row) and use one or two smaller pendants or wall lights in places that need more lighting. If you need more lamps to illuminate the counters, use the lamps installed under the cabinets.

Considering the color of kitchen appliances

When choosing kitchen pendants and lights, think about the color of your kitchen and kitchen appliances. Since white and silver reflect light, if most parts of your Kitchen are these two colors, it is better to use lamps with less power. But if you have used darker colors such as brown, black, and gray more in your Kitchen, you need to provide stronger lighting.

Where is the right place to implement the hidden light in the kitchen cabinet?

Install lights under cabinets

If your Kitchen has wall cabinet rows, we suggest sticking LED lights along the bottom or next to the kitchen console. Choose the light color according to your kitchen decoration style and taste. Your Kitchen will be so stylish and different that you can’t even think about it.

Install lights above the cabinets

Install an LED strip at the junction if your cabinet is attached to the ceiling. Because by adjusting the color of the lights, the kitchen space becomes completely different. We suggest you try to choose the color of the light in the kitchen cabinet renovation to be in harmony with the living space.

Criteria for choosing LED strips for kitchen cabinets

In the following, we remind you of some important points you should remember when buying LEDs.

The waterproofness of hidden cabinet lights

The most important thing is that kitchen lights should be waterproof. To avoid damaging the strips, buying waterproof LED strip lights is more practical.

Adjustable hidden kitchen light

Our need for light intensity differs depending on the mood and the situations we are in. We all like the home to be bright and full of light, and sometimes we prefer soft or shallow light.

It is interesting to know that this issue even depends on the regional climate and weather because the ability to adjust the light can be a smart choice.

Adjustable LED strip lights can meet your different needs in different situations. If the weather is cloudy and dark, you can set the cabinet lights to a brighter level. Of course, most of the time, a lot of light intensity is not needed to create a pleasant atmosphere in the Kitchen.

The color of the hidden light in the Kitchen

The influence of color on the human spirit is not hidden from anyone. Different colors create a different atmosphere in the house and can directly affect the mood of family members. The color of the light in the Kitchen can even affect the appetite.

Kitchen cabinet ribbon threads are available in different colors in the market, from all kinds of white to blue, orange, and red lights. Some models even have 16 colors, and you can choose their color with the help of a small remote with small colored buttons on it.

How to add under cabinet lighting

After choosing the right LED strip for your hidden kitchen cabinet light, you should install them somewhere close to your cabinet. You will learn how to achieve this in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Measure the length of your cabinet, measure the number of strip lights you need for your Kitchen, and buy based on that. There are multiple types of LED strip lights. First, you need to choose the right LED lights depending on the kind of space you have in your kitchen.

Step 2

Clean the area where the tape is attached to the cabinet. Sticking the LED strip lights on the cabinets ensures the cabinet’s surface is clean and dry.

Step 3

Unpack the LED strip lights and stick the strip on the cabinet. Unpack the LED strip lights. If the tape is too long, cut the excess along the product mark, peel off the tape and stick it on the cabinet. LED lights are usually sold in packages of five meters.

Step 4

Connect the LED light to the power to turn it on. LEDs need DC power to light up, usually provided when buying a suitable adapter that converts 220 V city power, for example, to 12 V DC.

Advantages of LED strip lights for hidden kitchen lighting

We recommend you use LED strip lights because it has many advantages over other types of lamps. In the following, we mention some of the advantages of LED:

  • They are efficient and have meager consumption.
  • They produce beautiful and colorful lights.
  • They are affordable.
  • They do not heat up and will not cause fire hazards.
  • It is easy to implement and can be installed with technical ability and standard equipment.
  • Due to low heat production, they do not heat the environment when it is on.
  • They have a long lifespan and last twice as long as traditional lamps.
  • You don’t need to change the lights frequently.
  • High-quality LED strips have a super strong adhesive, and you won’t need anything else to install them.
  • LED strip lights are adjustable, while many other bulbs are not.
  • In addition to adjusting the light, you can change the color based on the weather or personal taste.

In conclusion

As the heart of the house, kitchens require different lighting than other rooms in the house. Kitchen lighting is essential in providing sufficient lighting while cooking. Also, with the help of proper lighting, the Kitchen can be turned into a bright, beautiful, and inviting place for the residents and guests.

Proper installation of LED strip lights only requires careful planning in advance. Fortunately, strip lights have a long lifespan, so you don’t have to replace them every few years.

 This article discussed how to install lights under kitchen cabinets in 2022. If you are in Mission Viejo or Laguna Niguel and need any help, suggestion, or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. Unique kitchen and baths will endeavor to find a solution that works for you.