Top 10 Insane Kitchen Transformations in 2023

When we talk about the heart of the house, the kitchen space is associated with every person. The kitchen is one of the dynamic environments of every home, which is considered the family’s energy source. Kitchen transformation can be a great option to change their kitchen decoration. But how do you transform a small kitchen?

The first thing you should pay attention to before starting any work to transform the kitchen is your goal setting. It is crucial to know what your priorities are and why you are planning to remodel your kitchen.

If your goals for transformation are precise, you can consider the best planning for renovation and use suitable materials by searching or consulting professional decorators. Join us to provide you with helpful information about kitchen transformation.

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1. Kitchen lighting transformation

lighting not only adds beauty to your kitchen but is also very functional. For this reason, you can replace the old lights and pendants with new and modern designs and give a luxurious effect to the kitchen.

Remember to separate the kitchen lighting from the island. Kitchen islands are often used as a space for family and friendly gatherings. Therefore, it is necessary to provide enough light to prepare the island with stylish and new pendants.

2. Kitchen window curtain

Curtains are one of the decorations that need to be in any space because it directly affects the beauty of home decoration. The kitchen is one of the spaces that need a suitable curtain due to its unique position.

There are stylish curtains in various designs, colors, and materials in the market that can make your kitchen space more attractive. Apart from the beauty and decoration of the kitchen, by installing curtains, you will no longer face problems like controlling the amount of light entering the kitchen.

 3. Kitchen cabinet transformation

Replacing kitchen cabinet doors or handles instead of a complete overhaul is a very cost-effective updating idea. The kitchen cabinet is always called the central core of the kitchen and is one of the precious and permanent kitchen equipment.

Usually, after a few years, the cabinets rot and change color due to the presence of water and humidity, giving an ugly face to the kitchen. Therefore, the idea of ​​cabinet transformation is one of the best methods.

Tip: High gloss white kitchen cabinet is the best choice for small and windowless kitchens because it enlarges your small space by creating the illusion of space.

4. New and trendy chairs

Getting new and trendy chairs is one of the inexpensive and easy ways to update the kitchen. Because open island chairs play an essential role in kitchen decoration’s beauty, most kitchens are equipped with an island.

The counter surface of the island is often used for the dining table instead of placing a dining table. Today’s kitchens have a complete view of the living room, so it is better to choose bar chairs with a new design and shape that matches the style of your kitchen.

5. Using useless spaces

A simple way is to use a shelf on the wall. With shelves, you can put some sculptures, vases, and other decorative elements in the kitchen that you didn’t have space for before. If cluttered cabinets and clutter in the kitchen are boring for you, we suggest you a cabinet drawer organizer. In this case, you can best use all the empty spaces.

6. Changing the color of the kitchen

One of the most cost-effective ways to renovate a kitchen is to change the color of the walls and cabinets. Since cooking is supposed to take place in the kitchen, it should have fundamental differences compared to other rooms in the house. For this reason, the colors considered for the kitchen wall must be completely resistant and durable against different temperatures and conditions.

Another thing that is very important in painting the kitchen is the color of the kitchen ceiling. One of the best combinations for the kitchen ceiling is to use colors that contrast with the color of the kitchen walls.

For example, you can paint the walls yellow or lemon and use white on the ceiling. This contrast creates the necessary charm entirely in the kitchen space, especially if combined with wooden cabinets.

7. Kitchen countertop transformation

When thinking about how to transform kitchen countertops, be sure to think about designing a beautiful counter for the kitchen. The kitchen space is a semi-private space that should be separated from other areas. To separate the kitchen space, you can design a beautiful counter that is also practical in addition to separation. The island model counter has become one of the popular models in the market that can be seen in most homes. 

8. Kitchen floor transformation

The kitchen floor’s possible damage and rapid aging are very high. Usually, ceramic tiles change color over time. Therefore, during renovation, replacing them seems to be a good idea.

It is recommended to use bright colors when replacing the ceramics on the living room floor and to replace worn-out ones with large and bright-colored ceramics.

9. Kitchen ceiling transformation

Painting the ceiling is one of the easiest ways to bring diversity to the kitchen.  But you can also use other methods such as changing the material or texture of the ceiling to transform the kitchen. For example, you can use ceiling boards for the kitchen. 

10. decorative materials in kitchen transformation

If you want your kitchen space to be a happy and dynamic environment that gives you energy, we suggest you use decorative materials in your kitchen renovation.

Using patterned tiles, changing a wall’s material, mirrors, or placing a powerful decorative device can make your kitchen outstanding.

In conclusion

Having a stylish and beautiful kitchen, in addition to having a significant effect on the interior decoration of your home, also brings you an excellent feeling.

So, if you are tired of your dull kitchen, or the amount of damage and repairs in your kitchen has increased, be sure to renovate your kitchen as soon as possible to create your ideal kitchen and experience happy hours in this space.

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