8 Basic Steps to Remodeling a Kitchen in 2022

As with any renovation, there are basic steps to remodeling a kitchen that requires careful planning and patience. The most popular renovation project after the bathroom is the kitchen renovation.

However, the kitchen renovation steps and its most essential points are not necessarily complex. The complete renovation of the kitchen generally consists of 8 phases, which we have described and reviewed each of its steps in order.

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1- Design

The design is based on the owner’s taste and needs and the costs he intends for the renovation. The design should consider enlarging the space according to the island design and destroying the permitted walls. The color of tiles and cabinets plays a very influential role in the beauty of the kitchen. So it is better to make the best design according to the available space. Some parts such as the sink, washing machine, and dishwasher should not be moved in the creation or have the smallest distance from the original location so that the cost of implementation and plumbing does not increase.

2- Destruction

destroying the kitchen walls makes your space more open; attention should be paid to the load-bearing walls and columns so that they do not get damaged. An electric hammer or a pen and hand hammer can also destroy ceramic tiles on the floor and walls. Of course, if the tiling is to be done with glue, there is no need to destroy the old tiles, and we can do new tiling on the same old tiles.

3-Kitchen wall

The walls’ color deteriorates over time due to various factors, including subsidence and pollution, and needs to be repaired. So, you need to get the best type of paint. But sometimes, due to land subsidence, the color of the walls has cracks and breaks. In this case, you should cover the cracks and start painting.

 steps to remodeling a kitchen

Home Decoration experts believe that warm and neutral colors, and bright and cheerful colors, expected to be the color of 2022, are the best colors for the kitchen. These colors make family members feel comfortable in the kitchen. Plus, light, warm, and neutral colors have other benefits, including getting a positive impression when selling your home.

4- floor renovation

 steps to remodeling a kitchen

The most worn-out part in the kitchen that needs to be renovated is the floor, you don’t need to empty the entire area to change the tiles, and you can install the tiles with glue. As we know, the kitchen floor is constantly being washed. It is possible that the floor insulation has worn out after several years and needs to be redone.

5- Piping

If the location of the sink, dishwasher, and washing machine has changed in the new kitchen design. Also, if a wall package is used instead of a standing water heater, the piping process must be done before starting tiling. Also, if the previous plumbing has been done as surface, it can be done as built-in before tiling. In addition, you should specify the location of switches and sockets. The switch box and socket must be installed and wired before tiling.

6- ceramic

Another stage of kitchen renovation is its ceramics. Kitchen floor tiles are usually purchased and implemented up to 60×60 dimensions because the larger kitchen dimensions increase the amount of work and lose its beauty. White ceramic and bright colors make the space look large. Wall tiles have different sizes. To choose the color of the tile, you can select a color that contrasts with the cabinet or similar colors.

When buying ceramic tiles, you should pay attention to buying 1 or 2 meters more than the required amount because you may need them in the future (due to soil settlement and tile cracking, heavy items falling on the kitchen floor.) Also, you may not find it in the desired type and color in the market. Can do done with glue or with mortar and grout. Ceramic tiles with various dimensions, designs, and colors can bring a fresh spirit and a very stylish and beautiful atmosphere to the kitchen.

7- Cabinet

 steps to remodeling a kitchen

The most essential and practical part of a kitchen is its cabinets. There are many options for renovating the cabinet. If you do not intend to change the cabinets, you can paint the cabinets in the desired color. Cabinet color is a unique color and has its coloring principles. It is also possible to cover all the bodies with various stickers and choose the desired color. Replacing the cabinet helps to make the kitchen environment more beautiful.

8- Lighting

 steps to remodeling a kitchen

Lighting is usually done after installing the cabinets. We light the parts of the cabinet designed in the form of a showcase with halogen. Under the cabinets can be lit with LED string. Lighting with halogen and small LED lamps is the best option for lighting the cabinets. It is better to use white light to make the environment look big.

in conclusion:

Some homeowners know that the house they live in needs renovation and improvement, but they do not know where to start. We provide you with Steps for kitchen remodeling. At Unique Kitchen & Baths, we help you make the best decision. For more information, you can contact us. Our Designers and experts can offer you the best design ideas according to your needs.

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