The 6 most durable bathroom floorings on a budget in 2022

When choosing bathroom flooring, it is essential to choose high-quality ones. Durability and high friction coefficient are important features of a suitable bathroom floor. Perhaps it is better to say that the durability of bathroom flooring is essential because they are constantly exposed to water, moisture, grease, and cosmetics. So, before choosing a suitable bathroom floor, research them well to make a great choice.

Complete your bathroom design best by choosing cheap and beautiful flooring, but remember that not every expensive material can be suitable for your bathroom flooring. The following article will explain some examples of the best bathroom flooring ideas on a budget.

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1. Ceramic flooring

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Thanks to its potential and a wide range of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, ceramic flooring can be called the best flooring for bathrooms. In addition, the price of ceramic bathroom flooring is relatively low and reasonable compared to its unique features.

Porcelain is thicker than ordinary ceramics, and since acrylic is used in the building, it has low water absorption properties of less than 0.1%. This amount of water penetration has made this product known as one of the best bathroom and toilet flooring options. Choosing ceramic flooring for your bathroom and toilet is better because this product has essential features such as high durability, easy maintenance, and cleaning, and is not sensitive to moisture. The price of porcelain flooring varies according to color, design, and degree of glaze.

2. Cotton flooring

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Cork flooring is another beautiful and cheap flooring for the bathroom. Cork flooring is a product of the bark of the cottonwood oak tree, and since the cottonwood oak tree bark is harvested regularly and in nine-year cycles, it is known for being friendly to the environment.

Cork is not an expensive material, and the price depends on factors such as its insulation and soundproofing. Of course, note that sometimes the difference in the price of cork flooring in the purchase is due to the warranty service. Due to the cellular nature of cottonwood, this flooring keeps the heat inside, and even in the coldest months of the year, you will feel its warmth when you walk. For this reason, it is considered a suitable flooring for bathrooms.

Subrin, a natural substance found in the texture of cork, prevents the floor from getting moldy and rotting. These products are naturally fireproof and do not produce chemical or carcinogenic gasses even in a sudden fire. However, like wooden flooring, if it is not sealed well, it can absorb water and be damaged long-term. Cork flooring is one of the types of flooring with high resistance, which will maintain its strength for a long time.

3. Vinyl bathroom flooring

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It is the widespread use of vinyl flooring among the types of bathroom flooring. Vinyl flooring, also known as PVC flooring for bathrooms, is trendy due to its high durability and strength, long life, and easy maintenance. Remember that the price of the bathroom floor is not proof of the high quality of the product.

Vinyl bathroom flooring is considered thermal and sound insulation, and due to its waterproof properties, it is regarded as an excellent option for bathrooms and toilets. This flooring is highly resistant to steam and moisture; even if water flows on its surface, it will not be damaged. The right vinyl bathroom flooring is made of compressed PVC, fiber, and other multilayer materials. It offers a variety of styles and colors for those who want an affordable and good-quality product.

4. Quartz flooring

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One of the advantages of quartz flooring is its high moisture resistance. In addition to being scratch-resistant and waterproof, this flooring also has antibacterial properties, which are suitable for environments such as bathrooms. The surface of this flooring is glossy and has a luxurious and stunning look.

5. Natural stone

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The durability and charm of natural stones always create a luxurious atmosphere, but they are expensive, and of course, they are not entirely waterproof. Soft stones like travertine and limestone need to be resealed every two years, while harder stones like marble and granite can last up to five years without needing a seal. It is certainly one way to increase your home’s resale value if you can afford natural stone and don’t mind changing the floors too soon.

Natural stone is one of the most resistant materials in construction. Usually, these stones are extracted from nature and have various uses. For example, granite has a much higher resistance and is a good insulator against heat and humidity. Granite stone is used in the kitchen as a countertop and has a wonderful aesthetic. Although the water permeability of granite is almost zero, due to the high price of this stone, its use in sanitary facilities is not very common.

Marble can be used for bathroom and toilet floors. Marble is one of the most beautiful stones in nature, which was once a design element in palaces.

6. Wooden flooring

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Natural wood is one of the worst floods in the bathroom and has high water absorption properties and absorbs water and moisture very quickly. Wood gradually transfers water to the lower layers. If the toilet floor is well insulated, there will be no problem for the downstairs neighbor, but there is still a severe problem. The remaining water in the wooden floor eventually causes rotting and destruction of the wood surface. The rotten parts of the wooden floor are the areas that all kinds of fungi and mold will soon occupy. Another critical point is the high cost of replacing or repairing wooden floors.

In conclusion:

Now that you are familiar with the most durable bathroom floorings and their advantages and disadvantages, you will be able to choose the right flooring for your bathroom and toilet, considering your needs, taste, and budget. Our professionals at Unique kitchen & baths are ready to help you in every step of your bathroom renovation process.

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