Which Part of a Kitchen has the Highest Remodeling Cost in 2022?

Which Part of a Kitchen has the Highest Remodeling Cost in 2022?

The kitchen remodeling cost has become a big concern for most people. Usually, when a house needs to be renovated, the first part that comes to mind for renovation is the kitchen. The reason is apparent. Today’s kitchens are parts of the living room of every home. In addition, they are essential because the kitchen is a place for cooking and eating.

On the other hand, renovating the old kitchen is one of the most expensive parts of any house. This expensiveness and high importance of the kitchen makes us need to pay special attention to the principles and standards related to its reconstruction. Every mistake and wrong choice in kitchen renovation means wasting a lot of money and time of the homeowner and the project.

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The Cabinet Price in Kitchen Remodeling

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The price of the cabinet is the most decisive component in the exclusive prices of kitchen remodeling. The cabinet price is very different based on your chosen material and style. For example, the lowest price is an MDF cabinet, and the highest is for a wooden cabinet.

The material used to make the cabinet includes the body, door, colored facades, top plate, and fittings. The standard fittings used in the construction of cabinets include Hinge, jack, rail, and base. These also have different qualities and prices.

The top of the cabinet affects the ultimate price of the cabinet. And what causes a significant difference in the appearance and style of the cabinet. The material and design of its doors have the greatest impact on the final price.

The Price of Flooring in Kitchen Remodeling

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Another frequent part of kitchen remodeling is the kitchen floor. the price of the ceramic floor depends on the following issues:

Type of Ceramic: The first factor affecting the price of ceramic is its type. The new ceramics in the market are porcelain ceramics that are polished on them. These ceramics have a higher price due to their different firing, transparency, and acid resistance.

Ceramic Dimensions: The dimensions of ceramics include 40×40, 60×60, 80×80, 100×100, 120×60. the larger the ceramic dimensions, the higher the price.

Ceramic Color: The next issue is the color of the ceramic floor. Dark ceramics are more expensive due to the more sensitive and harder firing process and also more beauty.

The Cost of Countertop

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The next part that can attract money when renovating a kitchen is the countertops. There are several steps you can take to reduce the cost of countertops. For example, shopping around increases the chances of finding a store with a good reputation for selling desks at affordable prices. The quality of the countertop can contribute to its cost. Some countertop brands are known to be more expensive than others. It is essential to use a high-quality countertop because it makes the plates last longer.

The Cost of New Equipment

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When remodeling a kitchen, homeowners are required to purchase new appliances. The type of home appliances that experts buy varies based on various factors. For example, there are some homes where the homeowner would like to get more kitchen appliances. They can spend more time equipping kitchens. Check the cost of kitchen appliances in different stores and order from the best place where the prices are affordable.

Implementation of Cabinet Lighting

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If you decide to design a new kitchen cabinet, put its lighting on the agenda. In the past, people used to put a light source in the crown of the cabinet, which caused the cabinet doors to light up. The decoration was also located on both sides of the kitchen.

But currently, lighting is being done under a wall cabinet lamp. This will complete the lighting of the upper part of the cabinet. In other words, if the glass wall covering and the tile between the cabinets have lighting capabilities and show a unique and stunning effect and shine against the light, this type of lighting can be excellent.

Among other creativity that can use for lighting the cabinet, we can mention the following items:

1-Lighting inside the kitchen drawers

2- Create counter or kitchen island lighting

3-Lighting above the kitchen sink

Of course, according to the cabinet’s design, it is possible to light the classic pieces in the kitchen, the inscription, and the kitchen itself. Lighting can increase the beauty and attractiveness of your kitchen.

Should We do the Kitchen Renovation ourselves or Leave it to a Contractor?

Kitchen remodeling can only include one or two simple items. For example, it may be only the purpose of renovating and repairing the old kitchen, changing the cabinets and lighting of the kitchen. In this situation, it is a mistake and a waste of money for the homeowner to pay extra to a remodeling contractor or a building remodeling company to do the remodeling he wants.

Suppose the kitchen renovation only includes simple items such as replacing the cabinets, replacing the lights, and even painting the ceiling and plaster parts of the kitchen walls. In that case, the best decision is to consult with a cabinet manufacturer about the implementation of the cabinets. And speak to an electrician to do the electrical works of the complexes to change the electrical and lighting wiring and to agree with a construction painter to paint the plaster walls or ceiling.

But if the kitchen renovation includes several complex and important items, such as replacing or renovating facilities, renovating wall tiles or stone and ceramic floor tiles, moving cabinets or even the kitchen itself, and renovating or implementing a false ceiling in the kitchen. In this situation, the logical decision is to leave this renovation to an expert person or team as a renovation contractor.

Entrusting the entire work of kitchen renovation to a person or group of experts means that the quality of the position increases significantly. Rework and vandalism do not happen in any part, and most importantly, during the implementation of each part of the renovation, to the implementation departments so there will be no more damage.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed the average cost of kitchen remodeling. If you need any help, suggestion or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us, Unique Kitchen and bath will endeavor to find a solution that works for you. Keep in touch with us by giving us a call or sending an email.

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